A Security Camera Outside Of A Private Home Catches A UPS Driver Doing Something Unexpected

Many of us find the Christmas season to be a time of year to be quite enjoyable and, in many cases, we also find it to be busier than other times of the year. After all, we have plenty of shopping to do before Christmas gets here and we also want to make sure that we get together with family and friends and we want everything to be perfect.

Although we may certainly be busier during this time of year, we are nowhere near as busy as deliveryman. It doesn’t matter if were talking about postal deliverers, UPS delivery drivers or the FedEx man, they are going to be loaded down with more and more as December 25 approaches. Sometimes, it can get to them but there are also some positive moments that they may experience as well. Fortunately, one of those positive moments was caught on a security camera outside of a private home.

The family that lived in the home decided to give their UPS driver a rather large tip but they didn’t expect him to react quite this way. When he dropped off packages and saw the gift on the front porch for him, he went on to perform a full out Irish dance with skill that would make a leprechaun jealous!