A Farmer Does A Barn Dance And It Goes Viral

It has often been said that music tames the savage beast, but it seems as if the beast is not the only one that can be tamed. In fact, we find many people who work with animals that also happen to love music as well, and these country guys can put on quite a show. It has been seen in a number of talent shows recently as well as online videos that put a smile on our face.


Jay Lavery is a farmer lives in a small village, and he works hard to maintain his farm and his country lifestyle. Even though farmers are very busy individuals, they also know how to love life and that is the case with Jay. While he is maintaining his farm in this video, he breaks out in a dance and it is absolutely going viral.

Not only does Jay do these types of dances because it makes him feel good on the inside, he also does it because it is a great way to stay warm. He has over two years of experience in farming, and obviously he has learned the ropes quite nicely.

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