8-Year-Old Autistic Lad Take On The “Thriller” Dance And Nails It

There are some people who find it very difficult to allow a challenge to go by and others, who can take on the challenge quite successfully but without much thought to it. When it comes to challenges, many of us may find them to be difficult, especially when it causes us to go outside of our “comfort zone.” When it comes to this particular dance challenge, however, a young boy stepped up to the camera and put everyone else to shame.


This particular dance challenge was from the British coastal city of St. Ives. It was a WebCam challenge, in which people were to put on their best dance moves in front of the camera. A number of people tried, but it was an 8-year-old lad named William Ryan who was able to catch the attention of the company and walk away with the prize.

Although Ryan suffers from autism, he did amazingly well at putting on a dance to Michael Jackson’s, Thriller. Although it is from many years before his time, it looks like he mastered the dance and his hard work paid off quite nicely.

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