Watching This Little Girl Ride On A Pony Will Make Your Heart Smile

There are certain things in life that just seems to make our heart happy. Perhaps at the top of the list for most of us is a little child that is having a lot of fun and giggling joyfully. I don’t know if it is the sound of the child that reaches us or if it is the fact that we are wishing for simpler times in our own life but in either case, it is precious.


If you would like to have your heart smile today then this video is guaranteed to provide it. It looks like this family took their young daughter for a pony ride and she just can’t seem to stop giggling about it. In fact, it’s quite surprising that she is able to stay on the horse with all of the laughing she is doing.

When children are exposed to horses at a young age, they often develop a love for the animal that lasts for a lifetime. Judging by her experience on this horse, I would say that love is just beginning.

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