The Little Girl Giggles But Then Falls Back When Her Dad Uses His “Superpowers”

If there is one thing that every little girl should have in their life, it is a father who is a superhero. I’m not necessarily talking about someone who wears a cape and fights crime, I’m talking about somebody who inspires their daughter and does everything that they possibly can to make her life wonderful. That is obviously what you are seeing in this video.

As the little girl was standing on the bed, she couldn’t keep from giggling because she knew what her father was about to do. He stood in front of her and before long, he quickly bent and thrust out his hands as if to use his “superhero powers” on her. Instantly, she falls backwards on the bed and the magic begins.

I’m not really sure if the little girl recognises that it is a joke and is playing along or if she actually thinks her dad has superhero powers. I would like to think that she does believe her dad is a superhero and when she sees this video as an older girl, she might believe again.