The Dad Tells This Young Lad To “Keep His Eye On The Ball,” So The Boy Took Him At His Word

From the time we are very young, we begin to master a rather difficult language. It doesn’t matter if it is English, Spanish or any other language, the complexities of it make it something that many adults must study for many years in order to learn, yet a child learns it in a matter of a few years. That doesn’t mean, however, that they have a full grasp on the complexities of what you are saying.


The little boy in this video is being taught by his father how to play T-ball. Everything is set up properly, with the T-ball stand and the ball and of course, the young boy has a bat. The dad tells the boy to keep his eye on the ball but when the boy leans forward and takes him literally, it is almost too adorable to handle.

Some parents may get frustrated at their children when they don’t quite understand what is being said. This father teaches us a valuable lesson, because he realises exactly how precious of a moment it is and all he can do is lean forward and give the boy a nice hug.