Her Dad Dressed His Little Girl Like A Princess And The Internet Has A Heart Meltdown

There are times when a video touches many lives it seems as if the entire internet falls in love from the moment they see it. In fact, it may be watched so many times that it goes beyond being a viral video and quickly becomes a classic. That was the case with this little girl and a video of her singing with her dad.


In the original video, she sat on the sofa with her dad and they sang You’ve Got A Friend In Me together. That video was so popular, they even ended up on the Ellen show. Now they are back and this time, Claire is performing in a most beautiful setting. It is in the Davenport Hotel and the background is absolutely perfect for what she is going to sing.

For this video, young Claire is singing a classic Disney song, Beauty and the Beast. Between seeing her in a princess dress and in the beautiful hotel, it is enough to give you chills. When she starts singing, however, it is enough to give you goosebumps.