Dad Straps Camera To A Cart And Records An Adorable Shopping Trip With A 2-Year-Old

When we have a young child, it is inevitable that we are going to take them out for a day at the market. In many cases, it is something that we may try to avoid, because we recognise that young children can be quite busy. That is especially true when there is a lot around to look at, not to mention pick up and touch.


When this father took his two-year-old son out to the grocery, he had a brilliant idea and it is probably one that you wish you would’ve thought of now. Rather than simply going through the store and leaving, he decided to record everything that took place by strapping a video camera to the shopping cart. It really shows what these young children are capable of doing, as most parents already know.

This little boy may only be two, but he is certainly ready to help out when needed. Not only does he push the cart, he loves to put things into it and he even has an opinion on what his father should buy.

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