An Autistic Boy Sees Snow White And His Response Is Unbelievable

If there is one vacation that many families consider at some point while the children are young, it is a trip to Disney. At times, it can even be the holiday of a lifetime, as people will travel for thousands of miles, just to get an opportunity to experience some of the magic that Disney has to offer.

That was the case with the Coley family, and they took their son, Jack, on such a vacation. Jack was only 2-years-old and he was a sweet child who also happens to have autism. They were expecting to have a good time but they weren’t expecting this to happen. When Jack met Snow White, it seemed to bring out a whole new side of him and his grin could be seen from ear to ear.

They often say that Disney is the happiest place on earth and for this family, there couldn’t have been a truer statement. Jack, along with his two older brothers, had an experience of a lifetime and thanks to a little Disney magic, they now have a memory that will last for a lifetime as well.