Adorable 8-Year-Old Covers Ed Sheeran Song For Ellen But Just Wait Till He Turns Around

If you spend any amount of time watching the Ellen show, you already recognise that she has some of the best guests possible. Not only does she have the superstars but she also has people from viral videos and many children who have a talent that may be rather unusual. She brings them on the show and it always works well.


The little boy in this video was only 5 years old when Ellen discovered him and brought him on to her chat show. He sang the song “Roar” and the crowd couldn’t get enough of it. When he was eight years old, he returned again to the Ellen show and sang an Ed Sheeran hit, “Thinking out Loud.”

As he was singing the song to Ellen, something was taking place on the stage that was totally unexpected. It seems as if Ed Sheeran was also invited to be on the show and he managed to sneak out and stand behind the little boy. When he turns around and sees who is standing behind him, his reaction is perfect.