A Little Boy Charges Around The Store On A Mission And Ends up With His First Kiss

Something that many of us remember from our childhood is the first time that we were ever kissed. It seemed to happen during a moment of innocence and when it does take place, it is as if we are frozen in time. It doesn’t matter how young we are, it seems that we are able to recall it because it is such a special event in our life.


The little boy in this video may be a little young to recall his first kiss, but at least his father was able to catch it on camera. He was running around the store, looking as if he was on a mission and suddenly, he came across a site that looked familiar. It was a little girl on a television box who was blowing bubbles but to him, it looked as if she was waiting for a kiss.

This video is one that is certain to make you smile from the heart. Not only is it adorable to watch this young lad on a mission, it is something that reminds us of the innocence that many of us had when we were young as well.