A 3-Year-Old Girl Begins Singing A Disney Song But When Her Father Joins In? Too Cute!

If there is one thing that is true of many little girls, it’s a fact that they are irresistibly adorable. Although that has always been true, the Internet has made it possible for some of them to take their cuteness and display it to epic proportions. That is the case with Claire Ryann, a little girl that you may not have heard of just a few short months ago but now, she is practically a household name.


Claire became famous when she starred with her father in an Internet video where the two of them sang the song from Disney’s Toy Story. She went on to make another video with the help of her talented father from the film Beauty and the Beast. Now she is back, and she is singing a song with her father from Disney’s Tangled.

I don’t know exactly why this video is as cute as it is, but it seems to be running on cuteness overload. Perhaps it is the innocence in her voice or it may just be the fact that she is adorable. Whatever the situation, it is something you are sure to love.