What This Man Does Every Day Pays More Than Money

Advertisements tend to fall into a number of different categories. At times, they are designed to excite our senses and to make us want to buy something that is on sale. At other times, however, they excite our senses in another way and they can truly touch the heart. That type of advert is what you are about to see, and the message behind it is quite amazing. In fact, if you don’t happen to have a box of tissues handy, you may want to go get some now before you watch it.


In this video, a man goes through his daily tasks and he does some rather unusual things along the way. Not only does he give money to a young girl who is begging on the street with her mother, he also feeds a dog his lunch, gives up his seat on the bus and even helps a woman with her food cart.

What is perhaps most amazing about this advert is not that he is helping others, it’s what he gets in return. He may go home with empty hands at the end of the day, but his heart is absolutely full and once you’ve seen it, your heart will be full as well.