Kevin The Carrot Takes An Adventure In This Aldi Christmas Advert

There are certain things that we look forward to every year when it comes to Christmas time. For young children, it is going downstairs and unwrapping the gifts that are under the tree but regardless of our age, it is quite amazing to take part in the tradition that rolls around every year on 25 December. At times, that tradition may even come from a rather unexpected source.


In recent years, Christmas adverts have really taken a pleasant turn, and Aldi is one that has got in on the game. Having been inspired by John Lewis’ man on the moon advert from last year and Sainsbury’s World War I inspired ad, they have come up with something on their own. It is even their own character, Kevin the Carrot and they are hoping that he will have a positive impact.

It is amazing to see this unique carrot personified and going on a rather epic adventure. If you are not yet in the Christmas spirit and ready for December to come your way, watching this commercial is certainly going to provide you with all of the good feels that you need for the season.