IKEA Uses This Advert TO Show Us How Life Continues To Move, Even After Divorce

There is no doubt that divorce can be difficult, but it is a reality in many of our lives. It affects everyone involved, including both of the parents and any children. Divorce is something that many people fear, perhaps because they experienced it through their parents and they don’t want to see the same thing happen to them. Other people hear that divorce is painful and they are afraid that they are going to experience that pain as well. It is something that many people want to avoid, but it is a common problem.


Perhaps those who are most affected by divorce are the children. It is especially difficult at the beginning, when everything is new and they may be wondering what their role is going to be now that their parents are no longer together. That is the subject of this short ad put out by IKEA.

The ad is part of their “Where Life Happens” campaign and it presents a rather interesting take on life after divorce. It doesn’t show it as being overly messy or dramatic, it is just something that is realistic.