A Parent’s Door Opens On Christmas Morning And The Internet Can’t Stop Crying

There is something that many of us have come to appreciate about winter over the years, and that is the fact that it is full of tradition. In fact, it is tradition that keeps it going and it doesn’t matter if you are considering decorating the home, a Christmas tree or if you want to go caroling in the evening, it is something that has been done for many years, year after year.


Another tradition that many people appreciate are the adverts that go along with Christmas as well. Some of them are quite simple and are just in place to get you to purchase something but others are there to really spark your emotions. That is what you will experience when you see this amazing John Lewis advert from 2011.

Although we may not think of advertising as being a tradition, it certainly is one that we remember from one year to the next. When you consider that this advert is several years old already and is still being shown to an audience that loves it, you see that there is tradition attached to it after all.