A Christmas Advert That Really Gets You In The Feels

The holiday season is almost upon us and we have all of the typical happenings that are about to take place. It won’t be long before they are playing Christmas music at the malls and we are heading off to do our annual shopping. Something that has already begun taking place, however, is that Christmas adverts are showing up, especially online.


In many cases, these ads will come and go but at times, they really touch us because of the message that is behind them. That is the case with this brilliant advert that is directed by Spanish filmmaker Santiago Zannou. He puts a retired schoolteacher, named Carmina, in the position where she thinks she won the lottery. The thing is, her grandson doesn’t have the heart to tell her that she is wrong and the entire town is going along with her on this one.

This is one commercial that is well worth watching, but if you don’t watch it until the end, you are really missing out on something special. Not only does it have the ability to move you to tears, it also will make you feel good about life again.