Toddler Saves His Brother From Being Crushed When A Dresser Falls

Ask any parent and they will tell you that accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. That is especially true when young children are involved and they are unsupervised. Even if you think you have everything in order, something can go wrong and before you know it, the issue has already happened. That was what happened with these children.


They were twin boys and, as you could imagine, they were ready to get into some mischief at a moment’s notice. They decided to open the drawers in the dresser and use them to climb up. The only problem was, the dresser was top-heavy and it came tumbling over onto one of the boys. He was trapped underneath the dresser but, fortunately, he was not alone. his little brother, no matter how young, was there to help.

It took some time but eventually, the boy was able to figure out how to get the dresser off of his brother. He seemed to be just fine, only a little shaken. It ended well for these boys but it is a lesson for us to make sure that we avoid similar problems.