Jackie Chan Is Surprised By His Old Stunt Team And He Is Overcome With Emotion

There are many actors that might stand out in our mind when we think about some of our favourite films. More than likely, however, you are eventually going to think about Jackie Chan. Not only has he been in some of the most action packed flicks in the past few decades, he has a personality that just tends to make us smile, regardless of whether we are seeing him on the big screen or not.


In this video, he was on a Chinese awards show and he was about to get the surprise of his life. After being asked to come up to accept an award, he was able to meet up with his team of stunt men that stood by his side for all of those years.

Chan stood on stage and watched a video of those stunt men but when it was over, he learned that they were actually sneaking up behind him. When he turns around and sees them standing there, it is really a touching moment.

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