DISCOVERED: Carrie Fisher Star Wars Audition Tapes

Although Carrie Fisher was an accomplished actress, producer and author, she is perhaps best known for her role as Princess Leia on Star Wars. Many of us grew up with her as one of our heroes and even if we weren’t around back then, we still recognise her iconic role in the film. Now that she has passed, we are looking back on that time with an even greater degree of nostalgia.


Perhaps that is what makes this video so remarkable to us. It shows a young Carrie Fisher in perhaps the role of a lifetime. She was auditioning for her role as the princess in Star Wars and watching her read those lines is amazing to see. Perhaps what is even more amazing is the fact that the person reading the lines to her is none other than Harrison Ford. You could tell there was chemistry there from the start.

Although the world lost someone special when Carrie Fisher died, she left behind something for all of us. She left us a legacy, one that still continues down to this day with films that thrill the imagination. Without her part, they wouldn’t be quite the same.