What Do You Do When The Kennels Are Empty? You CELEBRATE!

Most people have a soft spot for animals but some people take things to the next level. Perhaps they have loved animals since they were children and after they grew up, they decided to pursue that love in an amazing way. Some will have pets of their own, others may be a veterinarian. There is a special group of people, however, who volunteer their time at an animal shelter.


Spending your time volunteering is a selfless act and it gives a person purpose. The volunteers at the animal shelter in this video, however, have a special reason to celebrate. They put on a campaign with the goal of increasing adoption at the shelter. Known as the “Bring them home for the holidays” campaign, it waived all adoption fees for both dogs and cats that were 5 years of age and older.

When the week before Christmas began, something wonderful happened. After adopting 23 dogs and 25 cats, they no longer had any animals without a home at the shelter. In order to celebrate, they jumped out of the empty kennels and shouted! It is a moment we get to share, thanks to this video.

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