The Stubborn Horse Won’t Come Out Of The Stall For This Lad But People Laugh When He Does

When many of us think about horses, the first thing that comes to our mind is the elegance and beauty that they possess. In reality, they certainly do possess elegance in abundance but they are also powerful animals that sometimes have a mind of their own. The young lad in this video was about to find that out firsthand but he does so in the most humourous way possible.


The young boy in this video was preparing to take a horse out to pasture at Hillside Equestrian Meadows. As they were taking the video, the horse just refused to come out of the stall and it continued to pull the young lad into the stall with him. It was quite funny to watch, as it was more than a battle of will, there was a lot of sheer determination involved as well.

Not only is it fun to watch this young lad who is trying to get the mastery over a horse, it is quite amusing when you see what happens at the end. Make sure you watch this video the whole way through and get a surprise that will put a big smile your face.