He Thought He Was Taking This Retired Racehorse Out For A Stroll. He Thought Wrong.

Many of us may dream of the opportunity of going out for a nice ride in the countryside on a horse. It seems as if it will be such a serene opportunity, and it is one that many of us don’t get to do. The man in this video, however, was taking the horse out for a ride in the countryside but it just so happened to be Shamrock, a retired racehorse.


Everything started out fine, as the rider and the horse were just enjoying some time outdoors but it wasn’t long before the horse decided that he was going to go for one more victory lap. In fact, he took off so quickly that it surprised the rider and eventually, even unseated him. Fortunately, everything was caught on a GoPro camera.

In the end, there were not any injuries other than a few bruises and perhaps a bruised ego. Shamrock, on the other hand, got to enjoy a fantastic time and relived some of the greatest moments in his life through this awesome ride.