Feel The Love When This Cat That Nobody Wanted Gets Cuddled By A Girl With Special Needs

Some animals are only in a shelter for a very short amount of time but others may be there for a while. That was the case with Lou, a cat who came to a rescue group in Spain. He was looking for a second chance and he had everything a family could want, including an amazing personality and plenty of affection to give. He loves being around people and could cuddle endlessly.


The problem was, Lou just couldn’t’ seem to get a break. The shelter kept trying to find him a home but unfortunately, he was there for quite some time. That is when a 14-year-old girl named laura game along. She is a special needs child with a rare disorder that restricts her physical and neurological development. Animals can help, because they are therapeutic and when her mother came to the shelter, she found Lou.

When you see Lou cuddling in with his new best friend, Laura, you can’t help but have your heart melt. Laura loves Lou more than any of us could imagine and he is the source of many smiles for her.

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