Every Time The Human Comes Near, This Adorable Black Fox Cracks Up Laughing

Most of us would probably not think about a fox when we considered having a pet but for some people, there is no other choice. In fact, there are more than 30 different fox species to choose from, but one that many people consider to be the most beautiful is the silver fox. It isn’t all silver either, it can be any number of different colours, including black, which we see in this video.


Of course, you would never want to take a fox from the wild and keep it at your home. They are supposed to live out where they can roam from but sometimes, circumstances make it necessary for a fox to get a helping hand from humans. That was the case for Mr. Scamper de Fox, the adorable animal in this video. He was raised as a domesticated animal and could not simply be released into the wild.

Fortunately, there was a family who was willing to provide a loving home for this wonderful black fox. As you can see, he certainly is happy with his forever home because anytime they get close to him, he breaks out in a laugh.