A Raccoon Family Creates An Ingenious Living Chain To Help The Baby Climb A Wall

From time to time, we all need some help to get where we are going in life. Sometimes, it may come from emotional support but in some cases, it may actually be some physical help that is necessary. As you are about to see, it is not only humans that need help from time to time, many animals also need such assistance.


It was a police officer who was working late that happened to see this family of raccoons doing something rather amazing. They were obviously on their way someplace, but there was a wall that created an obstacle. Unfortunately, the tiny baby raccoon was not able to get up over the top but the family was not about to let that wall get in the way. What they did next absolutely amazed the policeman and fortunately, he caught it on video.

As the mother leaned over the wall to pick up the little baby, she had another member of the family hold onto her legs so that she didn’t slip over the side. Not only is this heartwarming to see, it is also quite amazing to see the intelligence these animals show.